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Spent Industrial Alumoplatinum Petrochemical Catalysts (CRM 10232-2013 — 10234-2013)

CRM 10232-2013 — PlRe-1

CRM 10233-2013 — PlRe-2

CRM 10234-2013 — Pl-3

The reference materials are designed for the certification of measurement methods and to control the accuracy of platinum and rhenium content measurements of spent industrial alumoplatinum petrochemical catalysts and their production wastes. Standard reference materials can be used for the calibration of measuring equipment used to determine platinum and rhenium content.

CRM is manufactured as a powder of a maximum fraction of 0.1 mm. Minimum supplied weight is 30 g Shelf life is 5 years.

The assessment of the metrological properties of standard reference materials was performed by means of interlaboratory certification with the participation of 9 analytical laboratories:

  • JSC “Ekaterinburg Nonferrous Metals Processing Plant”, Ekaterinburg;
  • CJSC “Kyshtymsky Electrolytic Copper Plant”, Kyshtym;
  • LLC “Gipronickel Institute”, St. Petersburg;
  • LLC “PZTSM-Vtormet”, Moscow;
  • CJSC “Ural Innovative Technologies”, Ekaterinburg;
  • CJSC “Regional Analytical Center Mekhanobr Engineering Analyt”, St. Petersburg;
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise, The State Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals “Gintsvetmet”, Moscow;
  • LLC “Anserteko Analytical”, certification and eco-analytical center, Moscow.

Metrological properties/characteristics

Certified values, %

ElementCRM 10232-2013CRM 10233-2013CRM 10234-2013



The range of absolute uncertainty of certified values, P = 0.95, %

Element CRM 10232-2013CRM 10233-2013CRM 10234-2013