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Production Technology

The basis for reference materials production is precious metals of at least 99.98% purity produced by "GOLD BUSINESS".

CRMs can be produced as the following:

  • Refined metals and their alloys (in the form of cylinders, rods, wires, plates, chips);
  • Precious metal powders;
  • Compounds of precious metals;
  • Concentrates containing precious metals;
  • Solutions containing precious metals (certified mixtures).

Manufacture of monolithic CRMs

Fabrication of monolithic CRMs is carried out using the complex melting equipment produced by the company “LINN”. The use induction melting has several advantages — it is fast, accurate, easy to use, enables to obtain a homogeneous material that is the main criterion for the quality of CRMs. Monolithic standard samples can be prepared in the form of cylinders, rods, wires, plates, chips.

Production of particulate (disperse) CRMs

The preparation of CRM requires accurate drying of the material, its grinding, sifting, introducing the required impurities, CRM splitting and cutting. To perform all these operations we use the equipment produced by “Fritsch”, “Retsch” and “WAB”.