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Alloyed Gold CRM 10553-2015

CRM 10553-2015 is designed for the certification of measurement methods and the calibration of measuring equipment used to determine the content of mass fraction of gold and silver by assay and x-ray method.

CRM can be used by the analytical laboratories that perform the analysis and certification testing of precious metals.

CRM manufactured as chips of a maximum fineness of 1 mm.

CRM in the form of chips is supplied in plastic jars with screw caps. Minimum supplied weight is 20 g, shelf life is 50 years.

№ of CRMCertified value of RM Au, %Uncertainty of RM certified value Au, Р = 0,95Certified value of RM Ag, %Uncertainty of RM certified value Ag, Р = 0.95
CRM 10553-201586.86± 0.0213.02± 0.05