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Certified Mixtures

"GOLD BUSINESS’s" laboratory produces mixtures in single-element and multi-element solutions, which contain precious metals and other components.

Application of the mixtures:

  • calibration and testing of spectrometers, spectrophotometers, titrators, coulometers;
  • establishing metrological characteristics for methods of quantitative chemical analysis.

Certified mixtures containing precious metals are made of refined metals produced by "GOLD BUSINESS":

  • gold, silver — minimum 99.99%
  • platinum, palladium — minimum 99.98%
  • rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium — minimum 99.97%
Element№ in the registry of the "GOLD BUSINESS’s" laboratory Mixture NameCertified values ​​of contents, certified values errors № of MP for preparation Expiration of the mixture 
PlatinumPt 12-1000Hydrochloric acid solution containing platinum1000±0,9 µg/cm3Х-9-20081 year
PalladiumPd 15-1000Hydrochloric acid solution containing palladium1000±0,9 µg/cm3Х-9-20081 year
RhodiumRh 19-1000Hydrochloric acid solution containing rhodium1000±1,2 µg/cm3Х-9-20081 year
IridiumIr 23-1000Hydrochloric acid solution containing iridium1000±1,2 µg/cm3Х-9-20081 year
RutheniumRu 36-1000Hydrochloric acid solution containing ruthenium1000±1,2 µg/cm3Х-9-20081 year
OsmiumOs 53-1000Alkali solution containing the osmium1000±1,7 µg/cm3Х 11-20071 year
GoldAu 38-1000Hydrochloric acid solution containing gold1000±0,9 µg/cm3Х-9-20081 year
SilverAg 72-500Hydrochloric acid solution containing silver500±0,5 µg/cm3Х-49-20031 year